About Our Christian Nannies

You love and value your family more than anything else in the world. From the time they are very young, you begin to teach your children the values that will help them grow into responsible adults who possess moral courage and integrity. You proudly pass down your Christian faith to your children because you know, without a doubt, that this faith will be a source of strength, guidance, and comfort, throughout their lives.
It only makes sense, that whoever you choose to help take care of your children must also be able to support these Christian beliefs that you value. At Christian Nannies we understand how important it is to provide your children with continuity in these beliefs. We have wonderful nannies who have themselves grown up with Christianity as their foundation.
Many of our foreign Christian nannies can provide not only emotional and moral support to your family, but many can also bring vast experience and expertise from previous medical training and certifications. Many of our Christian nannies have extensive experience in nursing, pediatrics, and/or geriatrics. We can help you to find a Christian nanny for your children, or a Christian caregiver for your beloved elder who now needs the support of a highly qualified, professional caregiver. We also have Christian babysitters available for occasional childcare or eldercare needs.
Best of all, our Christian nannies are already in Canada. This fact, alone, will save you precious time and expense. We have Christian nannies and Christian caregivers who can work positions of live in full time, or live in part time, and live out full time or live out part time. Our service works all across Canada, in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary, to the eastern areas of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec. We can guide you through the process, so that soon a kind, competent, and trustworthy Christian nanny will become a part of your family.

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