Nanny and Babysitting Services

Once you provide us with your requirements such as preferred age, years of experience, etc..., we will help you to find a nanny or a caregiver that will exactly match the criteria that you set forth for us. You will be able to search for candidates who appear to be suited by their experience, qualifications, and personality. Each candidate that applies to THE CHRISTIAN NANNIES submits a detailed application that includes a complete listing of their childcare and/or elderly care experience and a list of references. You will be able to personally and thoroughly check their references.
During your search, one of our experienced professionals will be available to answer any questions or concerns. CHRISTIAN NANNIES will carefully review all candidate profiles. Of course, each nanny is willing to be checked for any past criminal record. Many of our nannies are Christian and would like to work for families that appreciate and share their faith.
We take the time to speak with many Christian Nanny applicants personally to ensure that all Nannies are qualified, sincere, and responsive, and to ensure user safety. Our nanny services are fully dedicated to serving the real needs of Canada's Christian Families. We help Christian Families find the Nanny they have dreamed of, and we help Christian nannies find nanny jobs with real Christian Families, where their faith in Christ, their desire to serve, and their strong ethical backgrounds are welcomed and appreciated.
We are an employer-friendly company. Christian Nannies is here to make the process "free of headaches" for you. We are a one-stop-shop, meaning that, unlike many other services, we do not delegate any functions to other companies located abroad. All of our Christian Nannies are already in Canada, and we coordinate with a Canadian Immigration Law Firm to process the nanny/caregiver for a work permit in Canada and to deal with all of the bureaucracy involved in the process.
We provide our services for all of Canada, from Vancouver and Edmonton, to Toronto and Montreal, and cities and towns in between. Let us help you find the Christian Nanny who will become a trusted and loving part of your family.